Ladies and Gentlemen… Cloudflare TV! – #SelectedArticles

I’m excited to announce the upcoming launch of Cloudflare TV. A 24×7 live television broadcast, streamed globally via the Cloudflare network. You can tune in to the pre-broadcast station and check out the upcoming schedule at: from Tigo Source

Facebook Reveals Its ‘Privacy-Focused Vision For Social Networking’ – #SelectedArticles

In a post on Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page, the social network CEO laid out his vision to rebrand Facebook as “a privacy-focused messaging and social networking platform.” Facebook’s new core targets will be private interactions, encryption, permanence, safety and interoperability.► Subscribe f from Tigo Source

Новости 512 — Выпуск №38 (09.02 — 15.02) – #SelectedArticles

by published on Релиз React 16.8.2 — Релиз Laravel 5.7.26 — Релиз Django 2.0.13 — from Tigo Source

Our Valentine’s Gift to You: Managed Databases for PostgreSQL – #SelectedArticles

If you’re building a modern application, chances are you’ll need to store data in some persistent state. from Tigo Source

Многим это не понравится! – #SelectedArticles

Получите до 14 тысяч голды WoT при покупке отличной техники Braun:Промокод на скидку в 30%: USACHEV0:51 – Utair в Хабаровске заставили женщину с двумя детьми-инвалидам from Tigo Source

2019: What’s Coming Next on DigitalOcean – #SelectedArticles

It is the beginning of the year and an opportunity for us to reflect on 2018 and share what’s upcoming for our community in 2019. Last year, we shared details on the progress we’ve made on an ambitious roadmap in January and August. Here’s a recap: from Tigo Source

Zend Framework Community News for the week of 2018-05-17 – #SelectedArticles

We’re soliciting case studies to include in the Zend Framework site, covering anything from use of individual components, to full-stack zend-mvc applications, to Apigility, to Expressive. from Tigo Source

Zend Framework Community News for the week of 2018-05-10 – #SelectedArticles

This week, we finished our PHP 7.2 support initiative, and wrote up a blog post detailing the process we used to do so: If you are using Zend Framework, Apigility, or Expressive, you’re a composer update away from using code that works on PHP 7.2! With Expressive 3 and PHP …

Zend Framework Community News for the week of 2018-05-03 – #SelectedArticles

The big news since the last newsletter is the PHP 7.2 milestone. With Expressive 3 released, we were finally able to work on a rather important milestone: ensuring all components and modules work on PHP 7.2. from Tigo Source

Zend Framework Community News for the week of 2018-04-19 – #SelectedArticles

A month has snuck by without me noticing I’ve not dropped a newsletter; funny how a conference and a vacation can interrupt your schedule! When last I wrote, we’d just released Expressive 3. from Tigo Source

Zend Framework Community News for the week of 2018-03-16 – #SelectedArticles

The big news, of course, is the release of Expressive 3! This is a huge milestone for the project: a complete rewrite of the internals to support only PSR-15 middleware; move and extract code to existing and new components; add missing features such as sessions, flash messages, CSRF protection, from …

New in Chrome 65: CSS Paint API, Server Timing API, and CSS display: contents – #SelectedArticles

Chrome 65 adds support for the new CSS Paint API, which allows you to programmatically generate an image. You can use the Server Timing API to provide server performance timing information via HTTP headers, and the new CSS display: contents property can make boxes disappear! New in Chrome 65, with …

Zend Framework Community News for the week of 2018-03-01 – #SelectedArticles

We’ve had the newsletter on hiatus the last few weeks as we’ve worked furiously on the Expressive 3 release. from Tigo Source

Zend Framework Community News for the week of 2018-01-18 – #SelectedArticles

Another week, another newsletter! This week was hampered by issues with continuous integration (now resolved), which slowed progress on some of the Stratigility and Expressive development. from Tigo Source

PHP-Дайджест № 123 (1 – 14 января 2018) – #SelectedArticles

Свежая подборка со ссылками на новости и материалы. В выпуске: PHP-PM 1.0 и другие релизы, порция полезных инструментов, и многое другое. from Tigo Source

Zend Framework Community News for the week of 2018-01-11 – #SelectedArticles

Happy New Year! I’ve been back to work for over a week, and already pushing out new releases and making progress on Expressive 3. What are YOU developing this year? Drop me a note if it’s something you’d like to brag about in the newsletter! from Tigo Source

Zend Framework Community News for the week of 2017-12-14 – #SelectedArticles

The end of the year is coming, and the Zend Framework team is starting vacation in the coming days! As such, this will be the last newsletter of 2017, so it’s time to wrap it up and let you all know what we, as a community, have accomplished this year! …

Zend Framework Community News for the week of 2017-12-07 – #SelectedArticles

In the wake of PHP 7.2 releasing last week, this week was spent on pushing out a number of releases to add PHP 7.2 support! In other news, the PSR-15 (Middleware and Request Handlers) working group voted this week to enter its Review phase. from Tigo Source

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