Ladies and Gentlemen… Cloudflare TV! – #SelectedArticles

I’m excited to announce the upcoming launch of Cloudflare TV. A 24×7 live television broadcast, streamed globally via the Cloudflare network. You can tune in to the pre-broadcast station and check out the upcoming schedule at: from Tigo Source

GOTO 2017 • From Your Keyboard to your Customers without a Server to Manage In-between • Chris Munns – #SelectedArticles

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Copenhagen Munns – Senior Developer Advocate, Serverless at Amazon Web ServicesABSTRACTMaybe you’ve heard of serverless applications, but aren’t quite sure where to get started or what to do once your MVP needs to grow past the “viab from Tigo Source

PHP Tutorials: Learn in 7 Days – #SelectedArticles

Details Class Summary PHP is the most popular scripting language on the web. Without PHP Facebook, Yahoo, Google wouldn’t have exist. The course is geared to make you a PHP pro. Once you digest all basics, the course will help you create your very own Opinion Poll application. from Tigo …

Products Over Projects – #SelectedArticles

Software projects are a popular way of funding and organizing software development. The organize work into temporary teams and are funded with specific benefits projected in a business case. Product-mode instead uses durable teams working on a persistent business issue. from Tigo Source

Видео курс PHP Starter. Урок 1. Введение в PHP – #SelectedArticles

Полный видео курс- первом уроке вы узнаете, что такое РНР и его достоинства. Узнаете, что можно сделать посредством языка. Поймете, почему он from Tigo Source

GOTO 2017 • Scrum vs. SAFe • Tomas Eilsø – #SelectedArticles

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Copenhagen Eilsø – Independent Consultant & Agile CoachABSTRACTThere is a lot of buzz about scaling agile at the moment. One of the most popular frameworks when multiple agile teams need to collaborate is the Scaled Agile Framework from Tigo Source

Inbound Marketing – #SelectedArticles

Inbound Marketing (с английского “входящий” или “прибывающий” маркетинг) – инновационная стратегия продвижения товаров и услуг, основанная на анализе существующих пот from Tigo Source

GOTO 2017 • Machine Learning, Your First Steps • David Stibbe – #SelectedArticles

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Amsterdam Stibbe – Consultant at QuintorABSTRACTIn this session we introduce the basics about Machine Learning, explain what it is and how it relates to terms like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.We’ll show the various machine from Tigo Source

GOTO 2017 • How to take great Engineers & make them great Technical Leaders • Courtney Hemphill – #SelectedArticles

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Copenhagen title: The Engineering-Manager Transition: How to take great Engineers and make them great Technical LeadersCourtney Hemphill – Fostering Technical Team Leadership at Carbon FiveABSTRACTFrom mentoring team members to aligni

from Tigo

Говорим о DevOps : ответственность и задачи – #SelectedArticles

В определённый момент каждый опс сталкивается с вопросами «Кто я?», «Зачем я здесь?» и «Что делать?», порождающими многочисленные споры и дискуссии. from Tigo Source

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