Let’s Encrypt, Nginx & Reverse Proxy Starter Guide – 2019 Edition – #SelectedArticles

The goal of this guide is to give you ideas on what can be accomplished with the LinuxServer letsencrypt docker image and to get you started. We will explain some of the basic concepts and limitations, and then we’ll provide you with common examples. from Tigo Source https://blog.linuxserver.io/2019/04/25/letsencrypt-nginx-starter-guide/

Setting up PhpStorm with Xdebug for local development on Docker – #SelectedArticles

In the second part of this tutorial series on developing PHP on Docker we’re taking a good hard look at PhpStorm, Xdebug and how to run and debug scripts from within PhpStorm on Docker. from Tigo Source https://www.pascallandau.com/blog/setup-phpstorm-with-xdebug-on-docker/

How to use Docker for local web development: an update – #SelectedArticles

Thing is, Docker (and its ecosystem) is a fast-paced project that gets updated very often, and things changed quite a bit since that article was first published. from Tigo Source http://tech.osteel.me/posts/2017/01/15/how-to-use-docker-for-local-web-development-an-update.html#step-4-named-volumes

DevOps дайджест #16: Docker интегрирует Kubernetes – #SelectedArticles

В выпуске: рассмотрим Docker/Kubernetes, почитаем про OpenTracing, сходим на конференцию, получим 100 баллов на Google Page Speed. from Tigo via Did you enjoy this article? Then read the full version from the author’s website.

Using Docker to create a MySQL server – Rob Allen’s DevNotes – #SelectedArticles

When working on test code on my computer, I usually use the built-in PHP server (php -S) which works nicely. Every so often, I need access to MySQL and I use Docker to temporarily create a MySQL server for me. This is how I do it. This creates a Docker …

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