The new features in PHP 7.2 – #SelectedArticles

The is scheduled the relase of PHP 7.2. This new version becomes after 6 months of testing with 3 alpha, 3 beta, and 6 RC versions. In this post, I’ll present some of the new features. As we known, PHP 7 introduced a big performance improvement compared with PHP 5. …

Pushing the limits with ReactPHP (ScotlandPHP17) – #SelectedArticles

It’s 2017 and times have changed – yet PHP is still most often associated with your average product catalogue or blogging platform. In this talk you will learn that PHP’s huge ecosystem has way more to offer and PHP is not inferior at all to its evil cousin Node.js. from …

Описание современного JavaScript для динозавров – #SelectedArticles

Это перевод статьи Питера Янга Modern JavaScript Explained For Dinosaurs. Она познакомит вас с инфраструктурой современной фронтэнд-разработки. from Tigo Source

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