Symfony Blog: The Diversity Initiative

On the Symfony blog the project has posted an announcement about a new effort to help make the Symfony community even better – the Diversity Initiative.

I like to say that docs are more important than code in a tech project. Docs are a challenge for any project as developers like to write code, not docs. But the real success of a project is best measured by its community: the people working on/with the project. Without people, code is nothing.

[…] What’s the biggest challenge for Symfony as a community? Diversity. Through the years, we’ve made some baby steps. […] But we can do better. Much better. That’s not enough.

The post talks about some of the efforts that have been made so far to help increase the diversity of the members of the Symfony community and ensure everyone has a voice. In an effort to help drive a larger adoption of the ideals and processes around the effort, they’ve named Lukas Kahwe Smith as a community leader for the diversity initiative and a mention of some of the work he’s already doing to improve things.


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