Community News: Latest PECL Releases (12.29.2020)

Latest PECL Releases:

  • smbclient 1.0.1
    — Code fixes for PHP 7.4/8, and memory free, ReadTest added, Travis build updated, and smbclient_state_init documentation fixed.

  • igbinary 3.2.1
    * Fix crash when unserializing if __serialize was defined but __unserialize was undefined in php 8.0+ (due to typo).

  • base58 1.0.2
    Casing fix config.m4

  • igbinary 3.2.0
    * Use PHP's shared empty array instance when unserializing empty arrays in php 7.3+.
    (helps slightly with memory usage when repeatedly unserializing,
    when removing elements from arrays before unserializing them,
    or when serializing values including an empty array that was unserialized)
    * Emit a deprecation notice when serializing resources.
    PHP itself is converting many resources to objects that throw an Error on serialization attempts.
    Continue to represent resources as null in the serialized data.
    * Fix memory management bug when unserializing invalid data (duplicate properties in objects (e.g. from `__sleep`) or duplicate fields in arrays (impossible for valid data)).
    * Speed up calls to `__serialize`/`__unserialize` in php 8.0+.
    * Fix error messages for unserialize_callback_func: make messages properly refer to the autoload function.
    * Optimize unserializing alternative names for private/protected constants that were previously public.

  • base58 1.0.1
    Release as v1.0.1 with build fix

  • base58 1.0.0
    Release as v1.0.0

  • rdkafka 4.1.2
    BREAKING CHANGE: Since version 4.0, the client no longer polls for network
    events at shutdown (during object destructor). This behaviour didn't give
    enough control to the user in case of server issue, and could cause the script
    to hang while terminating.

    Starting from 4.0, programs MUST call flush() before shutting down, otherwise
    some messages and callbacks may be lost.


    • Enabled features on windows build: headers, purge, murmur (#410, @nick-zh, @cmb69)
  • orng 0.0.3
    – Support Windows (Thanks cmb)
    – Fix stabilities, currently NOT stable.

  • swoole 4.5.10

    * Fixed #3906, sync master (93901dc0) (@matyhtf)
    * Fixed PHP8 compatibility (f0dc6d32) (@matyhtf)
    * Fixed connection_list error (#3948) (@sy-records)

  • swoole 4.4.23

    * Fixed table bugs
    * Fixed sync client error info (#3784)
    * Fixed memory overread when parse form-data boundary (#3858)
    * Fixed the bug of the channel, the data that has enqueue cannot be popped after the close

  • ibm_db2 2.1.2
    * 2020-12-22: 2.1.2
    – Fix memory leaks
    – Remove PHP 5 compatibility stubs and ifdefs
    – Fix compile warnings
    – Use PHP 8 arginfo generator, with generated fallbacks for PHP 7


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