Community News: Latest PECL Releases (04.09.2019)

Latest PECL Releases:

  • gRPC 1.20.0RC3
    – Added memory leak tests #17862

    • Fixed segfault on accessing a closed client #18302
    • Added ini settings for fork support #18539
    • Fixed fork hang #18558
  • datadog_trace 0.18.0

    This change should not impact most users.


    • MessagePack serialization for traces sent to the Agent with a new function dd_trace_serialize_msgpack() #378


    • Request init hook module blacklist now avoids miss matching partial matches #372
    • Add 10MB cap to payloads sent to the Agent #388
    • Added an getTracesAsArray() method to DDTrace/Contracts/Tracer which returns an array of spans (which are also encoded as an array.) To encode an instance of DDTraceContractsSpan as an array, use DDTrace/Encoders/SpanEncoder::encode($span) #378
    • DDTrace/Transport::send() now takes an instance of DDTrace/Contracts/Tracer instead of an array #378
    • DDTrace/Encoder::encodeTraces() now takes an instance of DDTrace/Contracts/Tracer instead of an array #378
    • The default encoder is now DDTrace/Encoders/MessagePack. You can still use the JSON encoder by setting the environment variable DD_TRACE_ENCODER=json. It is generally not recommended to use the JSON encoder as parsing JSON payloads at the Agent level is more CPU & memory intensive.
  • xdebug 2.7.1
    Wed, Apr 5, 2019 – xdebug 2.7.1

    = Fixed bugs:

    • Fixed issue #1646: Missing newline in error message
    • Fixed issue #1647: Memory corruption when a conditional breakpoint is used
    • Fixed issue #1641: Perfomance degradation with getpid syscall (Kees Hoekzema)
  • runkit7 2.0.2
    – Fix the package version seen in reflection APIs.

  • dbase 7.0.0RC1
    Backward Incompatible Changes

    • database link identifiers are now proper resources instead of integers
    • logical values are now retrieved as booleans instead of integers

    New Features

    • FoxPro datetime fields (‘T’) are now supported as "YYYYMMDDhhmmss.uuu"
    • Uninitialized logical fields are now supported as NULL
    • base_create() now supports an optional $type parameter (either DBASE_TYPE_DBASE
      or DBASE_TYPE_FOXPRO) to define the type of database to be created
    • FoxPro nullable fields are now transparently supported
    • The $mode of dbase_open() can now be specified as DBASE_RDONLY or DBASE_RDWR
    • The version of the dbase extension is now available as DBASE_VERSION
    • Basic database locking has been implemented
    • Internally the Zend memory manager is now used
    • Error reporting has been improved; e.g. unsupported field type now raise a

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed #73391 (Writing of floats can cause OOB reads)
    • Fixed #73395 (failing dbase_create() may leak memory)
    • Fixed #73411 (dbase_pack() returns TRUE on failure)
    • Fixed #73414 (Unsupported field types may cause dbase_open() to leak memory)
    • Fixed #73442 (Float fields always have precision 0)
    • Fixed #73447 (Floats written to character fields are truncated to integer)
    • Fixed #74983 (SIGABRT when function put_dbf_field is called)


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