Community News: Latest PECL Releases (01.12.2021)

Latest PECL Releases:

  • igbinary 3.2.2RC1
    * Update php version check to allow igbinary to be statically built in PHP 8.0+

    • Fix bug in out of memory error handling in __sleep, slightly speed up serializing with __sleep.
    • Continue serializing remaining properties if a missing property name is returned from __sleep.
    • Speed up serializing by optimizing for the case where there is no memory manager override.
      When there is a memory manager override, only use that for allocating the string to return.
      (benchmarks/serialize-scalar-int.b.php showed a speedup from 0.22 to 0.18 seconds for repeated serialization of a single scalar,
      and from 0.186 to 0.180 seconds for benchmarks/serialize-stringarray.b.php for an array of strings)
    • Speed up unserializing arrays in php 7.2-8.0 by adding optimized code for finding the hash bucket of
      a string/integer key of an array, or creating a placeholder if it does not already exist.
  • vld 0.17.1
    – Added support for PHP 8.0.

  • swoole 4.6.1

    + Added –enable-thread-context option (#3970) (@matyhtf)
    + Strict session_id, check the connection activity (#3993) (@matyhtf)
    * Optimized CURLOPT_PROXY, support user, pass and scheme (swoole/library#87) (sy-records)


    • Fixed minimal PHP version (#3979) (@remicollet)
    • Fixed pecl install missing enable-swoole-json and enable-swoole-curl options (#3980) (@sy-records)
    • Fixed openssl thread safety issue (swoole/[email protected]) (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed enableSSL coredump (#3990) (@huanghantao)


    • Optimized ipc writev, avoid coredump how event data is null (#3994) (@matyhtf)
  • swoole 4.5.11

    * Optimize table (#3959) (@matyhtf)
    * Enhancement CURLOPT_PROXY (swoole/library#87) (@sy-records)


    • Clear all columns when incr and decr (#3956) (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed compile error (49fea171) (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed fread bugs (#3972) (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed openssl thread safety issue (7ee2c1a0) (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed Invalid argument supplied for foreach (swoole/library#80) (@sy-records)
    • Fixed trigger_error param error (swoole/library#86) (@sy-records)
  • PKCS11 0.1.1
    – Added a lot of new test cases
    – Refactored some Object related functions

  • maxminddb 1.9.0
    * The `maxminddb` extension is now buildable on Windows. Pull request
    by Jan Ehrhardt. GitHub #115.

  • gRPC 1.35.0RC1
    – gRPC Core 1.35.0 update
    – Removed zend_hash_destroy() from postfork handler #24891

  • yac 2.3.0
    – PHP8 Supported

  • yaf 3.3.0
    – PHP8 Supported
    – Fixed issue #508 (Route::addConfig take action as module wrongly)
    – Fixed issue #509 (getViewpath return NULL)
    – Fixed issue #513 (supports of custom camel MVC name)
    – Fixed issue #518 (setRediect not working)

  • swoole 4.6.0
    Backward compatibility Break

    * Removed the maximum limit of session id, never repeat (#3879) (@matyhtf)
    * Disabled unsafe function when use Coroutine, including pcntl_fork/pcntl_wait/pcntl_waitpid/pcntl_sigtimedwait (#3880) (@matyhtf)
    * Enabled coroutine hook by default (#3903) (@matyhtf)



    • Marked the Event::rshutdown() as deprecated, please use Coroutine::run instead (#3881) (@matyhtf)

    New APIs

    • Supported setPriority/getPriority (#3876) (@matyhtf)
    • Supported native-curl hook (#3863) (@matyhtf) (@huanghantao)
    • Supported object style callback parameters for Server, off by default (#3888) (@matyhtf)
    • Supported ext-sockets hook (#3898) (@matyhtf)
    • Supported duplicate header (#3905) (@matyhtf)
    • Supported SSL sni (#3908) (@matyhtf)
    • Supported hook stdio (#3924) (@matyhtf)
    • Supported capture_peer_cert option for stream_socket (#3930) (@matyhtf)
    • Added HttpRequest::create/parse/isCompleted (#3938) (@matyhtf)
    • Added HttpResponse::isWritable (swoole/[email protected]) (@matyhtf)


    • All time accuracy of Server changed from int to double (#3882) (@matyhtf)
    • Added poll EINTR check for swoole_client_select (#3909) (@shiguangqi)
    • Added coroutine deadlock detect (#3911) (@matyhtf)
    • Supported closing the connection in another process with server base mode (#3916) (@matyhtf)
    • Optimized send to worker from master, reduced memory copy (#3910) (@huanghantao) (@matyhtf)


    • Pop Coroutine::Channel data when channel is closed (swoole/[email protected]) (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed memory error when use JIT (#3907) (@twose)
    • Fixed port->set() dtls compile error (#3947) (@Yurunsoft)
    • Fixed connection_list error (#3948) (@sy-records)
    • Fixed ssl verify (#3954) (@matyhtf)
    • Clear all columns when incr and decr (#3956) (@matyhtf) (@sy-records)
    • Fixed failed to compile with LibreSSL 2.7.5 (#3962) (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed undefined constant CURLOPT_HEADEROPT and CURLOPT_PROXYHEADER


    • Ignored SIGPIPE signal by default (swoole/[email protected]) (@matyhtf)
    • Supported running php and c coroutines at same time (swoole/[email protected]) (@matyhtf)
    • Added TEST(coroutine_base, get_elapsed) (#3961) (@luolaifa000)
    • Added TEST(coroutine_base, get_init_msec) (#3964) (@luffluo)


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