Ladies and Gentlemen… Cloudflare TV! – #SelectedArticles

I’m excited to announce the upcoming launch of Cloudflare TV. A 24×7 live television broadcast, streamed globally via the Cloudflare network. You can tune in to the pre-broadcast station and check out the upcoming schedule at: from Tigo Source

В инсайдерской сборке Windows 10 можно протестировать поддержку DNS-over-HTTPS – #SelectedArticles

Microsoft объявила, что поддержка DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) теперь доступна в Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19628 в Fast Ring. from Tigo Source

Не нервничай. Особый выпуск. CHILL от 27.05.20. #289 – #SelectedArticles

“Привет. Это CHILL. Особое пространство, где изумительная музыка соседствует с интересными фактами о музыкантах и душах людей. Меня зовут Артем Дмитриев. from Tigo Source

Radio-T #704 – #SelectedArticles

Подкаст выходного дня Импровизации на темы высоких технологий Разговоры на темы хайтек, высоких компьютерных технологий, гаджетов, облаков, программирования и пр from Tigo Source

Python на колёсах – #SelectedArticles

Инфраструктура системы пакетов для Python долго подвергалась критике как от разработчиков, так и от системных администраторов. from Tigo Source

Let’s Encrypt, Nginx & Reverse Proxy Starter Guide – 2019 Edition – #SelectedArticles

The goal of this guide is to give you ideas on what can be accomplished with the LinuxServer letsencrypt docker image and to get you started. We will explain some of the basic concepts and limitations, and then we’ll provide you with common examples. from Tigo Source

Web Programming ideas and resources. – #SelectedArticles

Our take on Web technologies, tools, and methods. Watch highlights covering JavaScript, accessibility, privacy, and more. From the O’Reilly Fluent Conference in San Jose 2018. from Tigo Source

GOTO 2018 • Developing a Chaos Architecture Mindset • Adrian Cockcroft – #SelectedArticles

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Chicago Cockcroft – Vice President Cloud Architecture Strategy at Amazon Web ServicesABSTRACTWe’ve seen cloud usage patterns begin with a faster data center and greenfield applications, move to cloud-native migrations, and end up from Tigo Source

Выпуск №38 — DevOops и эволюция DevOps в 2018 году – #SelectedArticles

Тема выпуска: Эволюция DevOps в 2018 году. Обсудили тренды, DecSecOps, победу Kubernetes, отчёт State of DevOps 2018 by DORA. from Tigo Source

Zend Framework Community News for the week of 2018-09-13 – #SelectedArticles

Summer is almost over, kids are back to school, and conference season is starting up. We’re working on finalizing a few modules for building APIs in Expressive, amongst other things, and hope to have a few announcements in time for ZendCon. from Tigo Source

GOTO 2018 • Pragmatic Event-Driven Microservices • Allard Buijze – #SelectedArticles

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Amsterdam Buijze – Creator of Axon FrameworkABSTRACTMost discussions about the implementation of a new system or component (especially when considering a microservices-based architecture) start by evaluating the various technical opt from Tigo Source

Setting up PhpStorm with Xdebug for local development on Docker – #SelectedArticles

In the second part of this tutorial series on developing PHP on Docker we’re taking a good hard look at PhpStorm, Xdebug and how to run and debug scripts from within PhpStorm on Docker. from Tigo Source

How to use Docker for local web development: an update – #SelectedArticles

Thing is, Docker (and its ecosystem) is a fast-paced project that gets updated very often, and things changed quite a bit since that article was first published. from Tigo Source

Простое объяснение принципов SOLID – #SelectedArticles

Принципы SOLID — это стандарт программирования, который все разработчики должны хорошо понимать, чтобы избегать создания плохой архитектуры. from Tigo Source

Zend Framework Community News for the week of 2018-05-17 – #SelectedArticles

We’re soliciting case studies to include in the Zend Framework site, covering anything from use of individual components, to full-stack zend-mvc applications, to Apigility, to Expressive. from Tigo Source

Zend Framework/Homestead Integration – #SelectedArticles

Last year, we wrote about using Laravel Homestead with ZF projects. Today, we contributed some changes to Homestead to simplify setting it up to serve Apigility, Expressive, and Zend Framework projects. from Tigo Source

Zend Framework Community News for the week of 2018-05-10 – #SelectedArticles

This week, we finished our PHP 7.2 support initiative, and wrote up a blog post detailing the process we used to do so: If you are using Zend Framework, Apigility, or Expressive, you’re a composer update away from using code that works on PHP 7.2! With Expressive 3 and PHP …

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