GOTO 2017 • The Big Friendly Monolith • Frans van Buul – #SelectedArticles

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Berlin van Buul – Evangelist at AxonIQABSTRACTEverybody seems to be doing microservices these days. And for good reasons: it’s an architecture style that allows scalability and maintainability – it’s a great fit for a DevOps or from Tigo Source

Микросервисы + Kubernetes = симфония или какофония? – #SelectedArticles

«Микросервисы» — еще один новый термин на шумных улицах разработки ПО. Если в начале 2000 приложения были только монолитными, то сейчас все чаще разработчики перехо from Tigo Source

GOTO 2017 • Scrum vs. SAFe • Tomas Eilsø – #SelectedArticles

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Copenhagen Eilsø – Independent Consultant & Agile CoachABSTRACTThere is a lot of buzz about scaling agile at the moment. One of the most popular frameworks when multiple agile teams need to collaborate is the Scaled Agile Framework from Tigo Source

Inbound Marketing – #SelectedArticles

Inbound Marketing (с английского “входящий” или “прибывающий” маркетинг) – инновационная стратегия продвижения товаров и услуг, основанная на анализе существующих пот from Tigo Source

GOTO 2017 • IoT & MicroServices in the Home – Technical Marriage Made in Heaven • Fred George – #SelectedArticles

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Amsterdam George – Early Adopter of OO & Agile, Advocating MicroServices & Programmer AnarchyABSTRACTWe explore the use of Asynchronous MicroServices to implement a home IoT environment of heterogeneous devices, including lights and mo from Tigo Source

Мгновенный ajax-поиск на Laravel и Vue

Мгновенный поиск является довольно популярной фичей на сайтах и в приложениях. В этом посте мы постараемся охватить ключевые моменты реализации поиска в реальном времени с такими функциями, как подавление "дребезга" или подсветка результатов. Пролог: официальный пакет для реальной работы Если вам нужен аккуратный и хорошо поддерживаемый вариант поиска Eloquent-моделей, то …

GOTO 2017 • Engineering You • Martin Thompson – #SelectedArticles

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Amsterdam Thompson – High-Performance Computing SpecialistABSTRACTWhat are the characteristics of a good software engineer? It’s a topic many people would argue endlessly about. This is not surprising given we are effectively living

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Link Strategies that Stand the Test of Time: A Tribute to Eric Ward (Link Moses) – Whiteboard Friday – #SelectedArticles

This week, we pay a special tribute to the late SEO pioneer Eric Ward. His link strategies formed the foundation of many of today’s smartest approaches to links, and in this Whiteboard Friday, Rand covers several that are as relevant today as they were when Eric first started talking about …

Apache Kafka 1.0.0 — важная веха популярного Open Source-брокера сообщений – #SelectedArticles

Вчера некоммерческая организация Apache Software Foundation представила крупный релиз популярного программного брокера сообщений с открытым кодом — Apache Kafka 1.0.0. from Tigo Source

GOTO 2017 • Visualizing IoT Data with Minecraft • Lars Gregori – #SelectedArticles

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Amsterdam Gregori – Member of the Hybris Labs TeamABSTRACTThe Internet of Things (IoT) with all its sensors produces lots of data. These (Big) Data have to be collected, analyzed and represented. But instead of presenting them as a typ

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Как связать Monolog и E.L.K. Перевод – #SelectedArticles

E.L.K. — это отличный стек для храниния, управления и мониторинга логов. Monolog — это отличная PHP-библиотека для логирования. Давайте заставим их работать вместе. from Tigo via Did you enjoy this article? Then read the full version from the author’s website.

How to connect ELK with Monolog – #SelectedArticles

ELK is awesome stack for logging. Monolog is awesome PHP logging library. Let’s make them work together. Monolog is awesome PHP library for managing logs. Check it on github. You can install it with composer, simply by composer require monolog/monolog. from Tigo via Did you enjoy this article? Then read …