GOTO 2017 • From Your Keyboard to your Customers without a Server to Manage In-between • Chris Munns – #SelectedArticles

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Copenhagen Munns – Senior Developer Advocate, Serverless at Amazon Web ServicesABSTRACTMaybe you’ve heard of serverless applications, but aren’t quite sure where to get started or what to do once your MVP needs to grow past the “viab from Tigo Source

Apache Kafka 1.0.0 — важная веха популярного Open Source-брокера сообщений – #SelectedArticles

Вчера некоммерческая организация Apache Software Foundation представила крупный релиз популярного программного брокера сообщений с открытым кодом — Apache Kafka 1.0.0. from Tigo Source