New in Chrome 65: CSS Paint API, Server Timing API, and CSS display: contents – #SelectedArticles

Chrome 65 adds support for the new CSS Paint API, which allows you to programmatically generate an image. You can use the Server Timing API to provide server performance timing information via HTTP headers, and the new CSS display: contents property can make boxes disappear! New in Chrome 65, with …

Chrome 63 – What’s New in DevTools – #SelectedArticles

New to DevTools in Chrome 62: multi-client remote debugging, Workspaces 2.0, custom push notifications & background sync events, and four new audits.0:18 – Multi-client remote debugging0:52 – Workspaces 2.02:37 – Custom push notifications & background sync events3:22 – Four new audits3:37 – Bonus ti from Tigo Source

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