Let’s Encrypt, Nginx & Reverse Proxy Starter Guide – 2019 Edition – #SelectedArticles

The goal of this guide is to give you ideas on what can be accomplished with the LinuxServer letsencrypt docker image and to get you started. We will explain some of the basic concepts and limitations, and then we’ll provide you with common examples. from Tigo Source https://blog.linuxserver.io/2019/04/25/letsencrypt-nginx-starter-guide/

GOTO 2018 • Serverless Architectural Patterns and Best Practices • Sascha Möllering – #SelectedArticles

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Berlin 2018. #gotocon #gotoberhttp://gotober.comSascha Möllering – Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services EMEA SARLABSTRACTAs serverless architectures become more popular, customers need a framework of patterns to help them identify how they can leverage A from Tigo Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psIgCzFOqj8

Understanding Service Workers and Caching Strategies – #SelectedArticles

If you have been in the javascript or development world for some time, you must have heard about Service Workers. from Tigo Source https://blog.bitsrc.io/understanding-service-workers-and-caching-strategies-a6c1e1cbde03

Laravel API Tutorial: How to Build and Test a RESTful API – #SelectedArticles

With the rise of mobile development and JavaScript frameworks, using a RESTful API is the best option to build a single interface between your data and your client. Laravel is a PHP framework developed with PHP developer productivity in mind. from Tigo Source https://www.toptal.com/laravel/restful-laravel-api-tutorial

Выпуск №38 — DevOops и эволюция DevOps в 2018 году – #SelectedArticles

Тема выпуска: Эволюция DevOps в 2018 году. Обсудили тренды, DecSecOps, победу Kubernetes, отчёт State of DevOps 2018 by DORA. from Tigo Source https://5minphp.ru/episode38/

GOTO 2018 • Pragmatic Event-Driven Microservices • Allard Buijze – #SelectedArticles

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Amsterdam Buijze – Creator of Axon FrameworkABSTRACTMost discussions about the implementation of a new system or component (especially when considering a microservices-based architecture) start by evaluating the various technical opt from Tigo Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSd_0zGxsIU

Setting up PhpStorm with Xdebug for local development on Docker – #SelectedArticles

In the second part of this tutorial series on developing PHP on Docker we’re taking a good hard look at PhpStorm, Xdebug and how to run and debug scripts from within PhpStorm on Docker. from Tigo Source https://www.pascallandau.com/blog/setup-phpstorm-with-xdebug-on-docker/

How to use Docker for local web development: an update – #SelectedArticles

Thing is, Docker (and its ecosystem) is a fast-paced project that gets updated very often, and things changed quite a bit since that article was first published. from Tigo Source http://tech.osteel.me/posts/2017/01/15/how-to-use-docker-for-local-web-development-an-update.html#step-4-named-volumes

The new features in PHP 7.2 – #SelectedArticles

The is scheduled the relase of PHP 7.2. This new version becomes after 6 months of testing with 3 alpha, 3 beta, and 6 RC versions. In this post, I’ll present some of the new features. As we known, PHP 7 introduced a big performance improvement compared with PHP 5. …

Products Over Projects – #SelectedArticles

Software projects are a popular way of funding and organizing software development. The organize work into temporary teams and are funded with specific benefits projected in a business case. Product-mode instead uses durable teams working on a persistent business issue. from Tigo Source http://ift.tt/2zIurCm

GOTO 2017 • Pragmatic Microservices for Organisational Scalability • Friso van Vollenhoven – #SelectedArticles

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Amsterdam van Vollenhoven – CTO at FashionTrade.comABSTRACTAt FashionTrade, we use Docker containers deployed to Kubernetes hosted on Google Cloud Platform to primarily achieve two very important […]Read the full abstract here:https from Tigo Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Skm-vc6gOvs

Микросервисы + Kubernetes = симфония или какофония? – #SelectedArticles

«Микросервисы» — еще один новый термин на шумных улицах разработки ПО. Если в начале 2000 приложения были только монолитными, то сейчас все чаще разработчики перехо from Tigo Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpyeCRvNpY0

GOTO 2017 • IoT & MicroServices in the Home – Technical Marriage Made in Heaven • Fred George – #SelectedArticles

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Amsterdam George – Early Adopter of OO & Agile, Advocating MicroServices & Programmer AnarchyABSTRACTWe explore the use of Asynchronous MicroServices to implement a home IoT environment of heterogeneous devices, including lights and mo from Tigo Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AIEtv6UNzQ

Мгновенный ajax-поиск на Laravel и Vue

Мгновенный поиск является довольно популярной фичей на сайтах и в приложениях. В этом посте мы постараемся охватить ключевые моменты реализации поиска в реальном времени с такими функциями, как подавление "дребезга" или подсветка результатов. Пролог: официальный пакет для реальной работы Если вам нужен аккуратный и хорошо поддерживаемый вариант поиска Eloquent-моделей, то …

Multi Factor Authetification – ZendCon 2017 – #SelectedArticles

Upcoming SlideShare Loading in …5 × Multi Factor Authetification – ZendCon 2017 1. MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION AND STRONG AUTHENTICATION 2. ABOUT ME PHILIPPE GAMACHE HI I’M PHILIPPE I’m a Developer Evangelist for kuzzle.io. from Tigo Source http://ift.tt/2gDWbTu

Architeching a php application with interfaces to the ib mi – #SelectedArticles

Upcoming SlideShare Loading in …5 × Architeching a php application with interfaces to the ib mi 1. Architecting a PHP Application with Interfaces to IBM i Presented by: Chelsea Fenton Senior Web Application Developer Fresche Solutions October 2017 2. from Tigo Source http://ift.tt/2zErh19

Говорим о DevOps : ответственность и задачи – #SelectedArticles

В определённый момент каждый опс сталкивается с вопросами «Кто я?», «Зачем я здесь?» и «Что делать?», порождающими многочисленные споры и дискуссии. from Tigo Source http://ift.tt/2lEorHc

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